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    最新小学英语作文-my hometown

    最新小学英语作文:my hometown

    my hometown_我的家乡小学生英语诗歌

    My father had ever told me :

    His home was in a remote village

    Where flowers shed perfume in spring .

    Ripe fruits fall from trees.

    You would never have to work.

    live there like a paradise.

    At night ,

    Between the Milk Way ,

    The Cowshed and the Girl weaver are talking their story of love.

    My home is in a large town:

    In front of my gate

    Is a busy way which vehicles come and down.

    My parents always told me :

    Not to go out !

    Fearing l was brought by a stranger to a distant place .

    During days,

    the sun always hide in the gray sky.

    Yet,at night,

    lights are blazing and all sorts of voices will vist your ears.

    I want to look for the place

    Where TAOYUANMING had said.

    But where it is!

    Sometimes l also went to my uncle’s home,


    He and his wife were once planting a field.

    Vegetables and melons were growing happily,

    and Some people were busying weeding for them.

    I don’t know how about my future home.

    I don’t wish it like this:

    Bad smells coming from the back stream,

    and lots of the babies of mosquitoes living in.

    The fruits are only the very expensive organically-grown ones:

    It is the solely for the rich to have!

    My home ,my country!

    I hope you become beautiful.

    Like a young girl,

    Wearing a full-length dress,

    Coming towards me.

    I will present you a bunch of flowers,

    I want you become the most wonderful wide in the world!

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