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    cockroaches are the insects that frighten me the most。 i wasn't afraid of them before日记新闻报道作文, but now i can't stand them。 it started when i was sleeping one day and smelled a disgusting odor。

    i discovered a dead cockroach under my body and its eggs on my pillow! i almost died! i jumped off my bed at once and took a bath quickly。 the experience made me hate cockroaches。 what i find most disgusting is when i see a cockroach fly around the room。

    i'm always afraid that they m1ght land on me。 hearing the sound of its wings makes me nervous and afraid。

    cockroaches pose a threat to our daily lives。 a dirty environment will attract many cockroaches and this may threaten our health。 they pollute food and water and bring many illnesses新闻报道作文, such as dysentery and skin diseases。

    i can't help shivering at the sight of them。

    感恩妈妈作文 the 历年高考作文 新闻报道作文
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