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    1、爱是一场战争,我不怕受伤只怕你不快乐。 Love is a war. I am not afraid of being hurt, but of being unhappy. 2、我想有一个人明白我,即使我什么都没说。 I want someone to understand me, even if I don't say anything. 3、曾经以为念念不忘的东西,总有一天会变得面目全非。 What I thought I would never forget will become totally different one day. 4、人因为心里不快乐,才浪费,是一种补偿作用。 People waste because they are unhappy, which is a kind of compensation. 5、所谓思念,只是一个人的一厢情愿。 The so-called missing is only one's wishful thinking. 6、想一个人,一种声音。只寄情相思。 Think of a person, a voice. Just wait for love in the next life. 7、永远是很长的,而我永远爱你。 It's always long, and I love you forever. 8、你的心里有一面墙,推开就能看见天堂。 You have a wall in your heart, you can see heaven when you push it away. 9、常相知,才能不相疑;不相疑初二英语作文,才能常相知。 Only when we know each other well, can we not doubt each other; only when we do not doubt, can we know each other well. 10、我现在只想安静地坚定地一直喜欢一个人。 Now I just want to be quiet and firm and always like someone. 11、成熟不是人的心变老,是泪在打转还能微笑。 Maturity does not mean that one's heart grows old. It means that one can still smile when one's tears are rolling around. 12、最后我说了我恨你。可是我恨你就是我爱你。 Finally, I said I hate you. But I hate you because I love you. 13、抱着自己喜欢的人,才是最好的感觉。 Holding the person you like is the best feeling. 14、夏末的雨停后,空气里没有传来春末雨的清新感。 After the rain stopped at the end of summer, there was no sense of freshness in the air of the rain at the end of spring. 15、爱情,是我玩腻了的游戏。孤单,是我尝惯了的滋味。 Love is a game I'm tired of playing. Loneliness is what I'm used to. 16、冬天你是我的优乐美,夏天你是我的冰棒。 In winter you are my joy and beauty, in summer you are my popsicle. 17、爱,如果不是全部日记,那就什么也不是。 Love, if not all, is nothing. 18、希望那些我没有做到的,可以让你做得更好。 I hope that what I haven't done can make you do better. 19、如果我用爱你一半的心来学习,一定成学霸。 If I study with half my love for you, I will become a scholar-tyrant. 20、我们手拉手初二英语作文,一起闪亮到世界尽头。 Hand in hand, we shine to the end of the world together. 21、恋爱中,干傻事总是让人感到十分美妙。 In love folly is always sweet. 22、我需要他,正如我需要呼吸空气。 I need him, just as I need air to breathe. 23、这一夏的温晴,是你给我的最好诠释。 The warmth and sunshine of this summer is the best explanation you have given me. 24、不是怕你丢弃,只是怕失去你。 It's not about abandoning you, it's about losing you. 25、你是的作者,何必把剧本写得苦不堪言。 You're the author of your life. Why bother writing the script? 26、你那么讨人喜欢叫我怎么不爱你。 Why don't you love me when you're so cute? 27、有你,我无须再快乐,因为你就是我的快乐。 With you, I don't have to be happy anymore, because you are my happiness. 28、太多人有太好的演技,却不知道在演戏。 Too many people have good acting skills, but they don't know they're acting. 29、悄悄等你很久,你没来,我却习惯了等待。 Silently waiting for you for a long time, you did not come, but I am used to waiting. 30、当你找到了最好的那个,以往的真的都不重要了。 When you find the best one, it doesn't matter what you used to be. 31、我装作一切都无所谓,虽然我已心力交瘁。 I pretend it doesn't matter, although I'm exhausted. 32、愿你的爱乘着飞翔的白鸽,展翅高飞。 May your love soar on the wings of a flying dove. 33、你想要飞翔,我做你的避风港。 You want to fly, I am your safe haven. 34、如果我假装失忆,会被多少人趁机抛弃。 If I pretend to be amnesiac, how many people will take the opportunity to abandon me. 35、热烈的爱情是不可抑制的渴望。 Warm love is an irresistible desire. 36、如果没有相等的爱,那就让我爱多一些吧。 If there is no equal love, let me love more. 37可以不帅,但对媳妇好那才是必须的! Boys may not be handsome, but good to their daughter-in-law is necessary! 38、这份情人节礼物,是送给那位偷去我的心的女孩。 This Valentine's Day gift is for the girl who stole my heart. 39、天长地久有时尽,此恨绵绵无绝期。 Ever since the end of time, this hatred lasts forever. 40、爱情战胜一切。爱情没有寿命,没有极限,不会死亡。 Love triumphs over everything. Love has no life, no limit, no death. 41、命里有时终须有,命里无时莫强求。 Sometimes there must be something in life, but there is no demand in life. 42、向日葵面对着太阳,所以注定爱上阳光。 Sunflower is facing the sun, so it is destined to fall in love with the sun. 43、时光并不残忍。只是对于它来说我们太脆弱。 Time is not cruel. It's just that we're too fragile for it. 44、此曲有意无人传,愿随春风寄燕然。 This song intentionally has no one to pass on, willing to send Yanran with the spring breeze. 45、是眼睛迷失了方向还是心中本就没了光。 Is it the eyes that lose their direction or the heart that has no light? 46、不要问我过得好不好,我只能说,还活着。 Don't ask me how I'm doing, I can only say that I'm still alive. 47、爱是帆情是船,爱是深沉执着明白! Love is a sailing love is a boat, love is deep perseverance understand! 48、爱一个人好难,放弃一个人真简单。 It's hard to love someone, but it's easy to give up. 49有时候初二英语作文,总是很讽刺。一转身可能就是一世。 Sometimes life is ironic. A turn around may be a lifetime. 50、如果我的未来有你在,那其他的什么我都不怕了。 If I have you in my future, I'm not afraid of anything else. 51、有些事情本身我们无法控制,只好控制自己。 Some things are beyond our control and we have to control ourselves. 52、忘掉岁月,忘掉痛苦,忘掉你的坏,我们永不说再见。 Forget the years, forget the pain, forget your bad, we will never say goodbye. 53、爱情就像沙漏,心满了,脑子就空了。 Love is like an hourglass. When the heart is full, the brain is empty. 54、我们都是单翅膀的天使,只有拥抱着才能飞翔。 We are all single-winged angels, only embracing can fly. 55、所谓的爱情只是一场可笑的游戏。 The so-called love is just a ridiculous game. 56、若有重来,我愿倾尽全力去保护你最初的美好。 If it comes back, I will do my best to protect your original beauty. 57、由于种种原因真心相爱的人并不一定能在一起。 For various reasons, people who really love each other are not alway
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