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    There are many beneficial animals, such as dragonflies, frogs, and so on.

    We say it is a dragonfly, beneficial insects, its benefits for the people can be more. It lives next to a small pool to catch pests. Some people catch dragonflies, catch dragonflies, catch them and sell them everywhere. We should give a dragonfly protection method, if they dare to catch dragonflies, catching dragonflies, is to break the law, to the police uncle treatment.

    Frog is no exception, it is also a good hunter to catch pests. However, it lives near the pond near the crops. Sometimes, it also goes to the crops and catch pests nearby. People call it a good helper to protect crops. Some children, next to the pool, catch frogs, go home, eat frogs. We should be in the pool beside the tree a sign that reads "protect the frog, everybody", so no one will catch a frog.

    Without these beneficial animals, the pests will increase. Even so, pesticide and Miehailing have to die. We should protect animals together.


    Three meals a day, all to eat, and meat is essential, we eat most of the chicken and duck fish, these are no big deal. But some rare animal was put on the table, such as crocodiles, porpoises, whales, etc..

    We are all children of mother earth, and why want to brothers and sisters under the hands?

    In fact, nature is a very complex food chain, and the living things are indispensable. Any one of them that is missing will have a great consequence of preterm birth and will be in a mess. Let's give a few examples here.

    Snake, snake is a general term as everyone knows legless reptiles of the current global total of more than 3000 kinds of snakes. A slender body, reduced limbs and no movable eyelids, no ears, no legs, no forelimbs, body covered with scales. Some are toxic, but most are nontoxic. To the number of Oceania snake and the most poisonous snakes in the Inland taipan. It is enough to kill 100 adults every bite of the poison, and the longest serpent is a netted python. It's the only body known to be 10 meters long. The net spot usually live in tropical Asia python, depending on the weight of the body Chansi prey, cobra should also be a more familiar, is the longest snake preys on snakes, love. Do you know that in some places snakes have become protective animals. Do you know that the venom of the snake has been used to treat some of the incurable diseases. And it can be the strongest anesthetic in history.

    And the crocodile. The crocodile is one of the earliest ever found alive and most primitive animal, it is in the Triassic to Cretaceous Mesozoic (about two hundred million years ago) evolved from amphibians, is still the continuation of semi aquatic and ferocious reptiles and dinosaurs, it is the same time animal, the extinction of the dinosaurs regardless of environmental impact still, their own reasons, are proof of the existence of a crocodile fossils; it is more strong vitality. Known as the living fossil of them has become increasingly unable to adapt to the current environment, only 23 species, 17 species in about endangered crocodile body is a treasure, their skin can do for crocodile leather coat, meat can be made into soup, serum extracted from the fetal protein will be the most powerful in the history antibiotics can even fight aids. This is a great success.

    Friends, the destruction of animals will bring serious adverse consequences to mankind, resulting in a serious imbalance of the ecological environment, which will destroy the living environment of human beings. To destroy animals is to destroy human beings. If all the animals in the world have disappeared one day, can the human beings survive? To protect the animals and to cherish every living creature in nature! Let's start from now, start from me, protect the animals, make the world a better place. The protection of animals is to protect human beings.

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